The objects in the photo were designed by The Magic Fox Art, Darkly.Holo.Arts and RareEarthWoodworks


An Eclectic Collection of Inspired  Items

A place to find uniquely magickal items for you to embrace, utilize and enjoy on your life's journey. Started in Jan 2020, the Fox and the Raven bring you a collection of items all imbued with our own artistic essences in hopes to help you on your way.  We want you to enjoy our items, if there is something you see that you cannot afford, please reach out and let us know - any of Raven's items (any oddly priced items) are absolutely negotiable on price. We love to bundle, and trade too, reach out if you're interested. 

Each item has a story, and we will always share them with you in hopes that a specific one reaches out to you personally. With every purchase you will receive your choice of - a tiny spell and how to cast it, a single card oracle reading, or a micro flash fiction piece brought to you by Rosalie Viper. 

Thank you for visiting the Fox and Raven Magick Shop! Please visit us again! Deep peace of the shining stars to you. 

For all International Customers, please let us know, we would like to split shipping costs with you to reduce the impact on you. Thank you!


Our History

Working with fellow artists of various kinds, the Fox and the Raven have decided to share their magick with the world since Jan 2020! After being incredibly influenced by fellow artists of Instagram and by the prospect of bringing something special to others, we chose to band together. 

The Fox, a faery-like creator, draws and creates using her hands as the wand. Her images and story have taken her from one side of the country, to the other. She manifests her visions into reality and wants to make the world a better place for every living being in it. Working with her, we strive to make it our goal to be sustainable, support local, and encourage others to do the same. 

The Raven, a nomad, has wandered the country looking for her place in the world. In magick she has always found peace and comfort, and her druidic craft has pushed her to pass her knowledge of the otherworldly onto others. The storyteller and gatherer in her is the creator of the candles you see imbued with her essence for all to enjoy.


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