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Raven's Message From The Divine - The Animal Spirits' Intervention

So, we are all experiencing this stage of chaos differently, and as I took the time to meditate in a bath of salts and flowers, a message came to me in the form of animal spirits. I felt at first this message was for me, but as I connected to my divine messengers, I realized it wasn't. It was for all. Please enjoy the message from my guardian spirits, and know that although this message is currently applicable to the world due to our COVID-19 outbreak, it should not be disregarded when this outbreak is no longer a threat.

All the animals are connected, and this means we should be absorbing all their messages into one combined one. They work together in a synergistic way so that we may take their guidance and put it to action.

The dog appeared to me with a message to provide those that are listening with an interesting perspective. When we feel alone, we may find ourselves feeling ill, sad, depressed, etc. and in this time of isolation that darkness may rise. The dog has appeared to tell us, that yes we may be physically alone in some way or another, but not to forget that we have a tribe. Our tribe calls out to us subconsciously and the loyalty and friendships we possess should not fade because of our current state of affairs. Follow the same practice as the dog, be a part of your pack even as we struggle to find ways to keep in touch and maintain contact. We have so many methods at our finger tips, and now is the time to be resourceful. Reach out to friends, family, and other meaningful relationships and let others know, as well as yourself, that no one is alone in this time.

Balance. The dolphin represents a time to find balance in ways we may have never expected. This could be through isolated meditation, or maybe contacting and meditating via video chat with our friends. Take this time to push yourself beyond your inner voice and grasp at the voices of those around you. Connect beyond the physical and interact with other beings through your intuition. We can let go of what seemed so important before, and realize that ultimately the interconnectedness of others is what truly matters. Find happiness, joy and pleasure while you fight off the dark times we are currently in. The worst is yet to come, but the more intelligent, informed and calm we are, the better the outcome will be at the end of the storm.

While we are forced to stay inside, at least for the most part, the Bear tells us to take that solitude and build our strength. When we are not focused on being a part of the community, we should take the time to ground ourselves, cleanse our spirits and enjoy the bit of solitude we are experiencing. Enjoy the moment, build your confidence in yourself, and accomplish some things you may have put off before because you didn’t have time to focus on them. Although we still need to focus on keeping ourselves afloat, this is a moment that society has made rare - doing something for ourselves. Being alone, being cooped up - all of these things are incredibly important, and Ursa Major, whom I love to call the mother bear, is telling us it’s okay! Don’t let the solitude go to your head, it doesn’t mean become a hermit and never speak to anyone again - it asks you to balance and work with the spirits of the dog and the dolphin to find the perfect synergy.

Finally, the beautiful butterfly showed itself. This majestic and wonderful being is associated with metamorphosis - a time in which we need to look deep into ourselves and unfurl the intense changes we are experiencing. Find what you wish to let go, and what you wish to let bloom. Let the butterfly be what you wish to embody - go with the wind - move with it - become something different - open yourself to the deeper energy within. As we sit inside our chrysalises during this isolation, manifest what you wish to become once the doors have opened again and we emerge into the world as a full blown butterfly. Our physical being may be trapped, but our spirits are not. The universe is open for us, even more so now, as we sit amidst the chaos of the world.

Thank you for reading through this divine message. And if there are comments, or any concerns, please don't hesitate to leave a comment.

Yellow Butterfly Hint of Purple - Photo Courtesy of Rob Patterson

Deep peace of the shining stars to you.


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