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That's the Raven's Way

I, the Raven, try to ask myself what to be aware of each week, and this week shed light upon my past, present and future.

In a nutshell when I do readings, I tend to go with my intuition, that means choosing a specific deck, choosing a number of cards to read, and determining what each card represents. This was a simple three card pull of past, present, future.

My past rose from the darkness, reminding me of the drop of light that shone brighter than the sun. A boy I met about a decade ago and how he brought me down a path I never imagined would exist in this lifetime. He still shines that light upon me, and forever we are tied.

The present brings winter's end. A time of year where we finally see the sun as the days finally grow longer. Imbolc has passed, and with it comes previously closed doors that are ready to open. Look out for new opportunities, as the seeds I've sowed are ready to sprout.

And with time comes the future. An event unseen for quite some time now. A warning from Gaia, be aware of those that attach themselves to you in an codependent way. Free yourself before it happens - see and you may prevent. Sometimes awareness is all it takes. Ask yourself, do you hear the otherworldly whispers?

As I continue on my journey, I find this may be a path I will follow. A time for me to pass my gift to you - I am here to guide, that is the raven's way.


11 Feb 2020

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