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The Raven's Weekly Divination - Who is the Dog in Our Life?

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

For all those that wonder what it means to interact with the worlds beyond this one, divination has been a tool used for millennia. Most of us that commune with the spirits, goddesses, and otherworldly beings tend to divine their messages through tools like tarot, oracles, runes or ogham. There are countless connections to these beings and worlds, sometimes their messages are easy to interpret and sometimes they are not. Each of these divine readings are valid for one week from the day in which you first read it. I laid in bed last night, teetering on the edge of twilight and as I did, my guardians spoke. "You should write out weekly messages, let the universe know you're listening," they said. As I gazed up at my dark ceiling, I couldn't help but hear the message over and over again. Until I acknowledged it, sleep would not bless me. We, at least I, sometimes wonder if all the divine messages are just in my head - but for so many years I've received them, and it's worth putting the experience out there, even if I do seem silly. I wonder, are you interested in any of what I have to say? The message for this week brought forth by my Druid oracle, was The Dog (reversed). When it comes to loyalty, there are none more loyal than the dog. A wonderful friend, there to protect you, guide you, and love you beyond this lifetime. The reversal of such spirit has come into view, and we should wonder, why? Who plays the part of the dog in this metaphor? We all do at some point. Regardless, a dynamic has changed - or for some of us, it's always been that way. As we wait for our friends, loved ones, guardians, spirits, etc to acknowledge us, we stop. Patiently, loyally and eternally - we pause everything. All of us have someone or something like this in our lives, and although this card appeared now, it does not necessarily say to take action. It just shows us what we may not have seen before. Whomever the metaphorical (or literal) dog is in our life, pay close mind to it. It deserves to be appreciated, loved and a part of this world. We all do. The dogs spirit is around us, what will you do to recognize its needs? Thank you for reading. Deep peace to you, and may your week be filled with wonder.


Each reading is valid for one week from the day in which you first read it.

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