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The Raven's Weekly Divination - Growth from the Recesses

These messages are meant to be appropriate and valid for you from the day in which you read it and through the following week.

The message for this week brings us a sign of growth - one we have yet to have encountered during this time of great solitude.

Sitting inside, wrestling with what to do with yourself, it is time to open a book, read, and grow. Our intellect is there, not being used correctly, and waiting to be expressed. Take the time to reach deep into the recesses of your mind and gather the information you have buried within. Drag it to the surface and face it. Beware, some of what you reveal may be ugly and you will want to shield yourself from it, but don’t. Now is not the time to shy away from the intellect and plagues of your mind. Take the time to read through the hidden files you have brought to the surface, and find joy in what you reveal, for the information is much like a treasure uncovered from the depths of the ocean.

Others may not appreciate what you have shown yourself, for it will empower you beyond the oppression of those that mean to control you. When you finish unraveling the depths of your mind, gather all the information, spread it out in front of you, and begin to braid it into one harmonious and beautiful picture. As the picture reveals itself, you will find that what you have created is a method of survival for yourself. One that has not been obvious until now. Seeing beyond the everyday chaos can be difficult, and being swept up in the unrelenting energy surrounding us can overwhelm our senses.

Take the time to focus on your mind. It will heal and protect you. In the long run it will guide you, and now is the time where self-healing is critical and at your fingertips. Relax, meditate, embrace the silence, and become the person you were always meant to become. And with that, I leave you for the otherworlds.

Thank you for reading. Deep peace to you, and may your week be filled with healthy vibes.


This week's divination was channeled through the "Literary Witches Oracle" by Taisia Kitaiskaia and Katy Horan.

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