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The Raven's Weekly Divination - Hidden From View

These messages are meant to be appropriate and valid for you from the day in which you read it and through the following week.

Gaia came to me, driving forth the message from the universe this week. Open your mind to the unseen, for now is the time we find our spirit growing beyond the physical worlds. When our minds have the chance to wander, that is when we find ourselves tapping into the recesses of the subconscious and unconscious parts of it. The worlds we have hidden from sight.

A hidden path approaches, invisible to the naked eye, but nonetheless there. It feels as if the meaning to life has fallen into darkness - stopped abruptly, nowhere to go. But, the truth is that the path is still there, you have to open your mind to it. It is time to unite the spirit with matter - the physical merges with the metaphysical. Because of the situations at hand, now is when you can experience the world from a different perspective - a hidden view.

When you reveal the path before you, you open yourself up to the message from Sacred Earth Mother. Her message is that of pure love, and it asks that you open your mind to the possibility of loving everyone beyond just those you know. Times of need call for compassion and empathy. Those that suffer beyond what we can understand, deserve the same love that you do. All of us have the opportunity to face the hidden path, wander down its mystical energy, and find deep within, the power to express love through the spirit.

The truth you find deep within yourself is what will help push you forth into the next part of life. The metaphysical self seeks the knowledge of the otherworlds, and in this life we can hone in on the abilities to push us to a higher state of consciousness, as long as we are willing to tap into the world beyond this one. Take this time to focus on yourself, listen to what your subconscious wants, ask why, and see if you can achieve it. Now is the time for self growth, and although that may mean your spirit can grow, it is also important to make sure you're staying healthy and showing yourself love. Find the time to pamper your physical self, and as you begin to love yourself, you can open your mind to loving everything else.

The message may not be clear, since what is hidden is personal. We all have to face what looks like the end of the road, and each of us experiences it differently - you are not alone in that regard. As long as you are willing to see the hidden path before you, you will find yourself pushing forward into the ether. And with that, I leave you for the otherworlds.

Thank you for reading. Deep peace to you, and may your week be filled with healthy vibes.


This week's divination was channeled through the "Gaia Oracle" by Toni Carmine Salerno.

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