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The Raven's Weekly Divination - Ogham Spirits Guide Us

These messages are meant to be appropriate and valid for you from the day in which you read it and through the following week.

The Ogham staves have spoken. An ancient alphabet created by the Druids millennia ago, these staves act as tools to divine the messages from the guides of the otherworlds. Sets of lines, each one represents a guardian tree, and as I asked my guides to show me the way, the staves granted me their wisdom. Below is what we need to be aware of this week.

Ngetal, is a resourceful spirit. Finding and utilizing all manners of being without draining itself. It is a call for balance during times in which we find ourselves drawn in many directions. Be resourceful in this time of stagnation and acknowledge the world around you. We are usually too busy to see everything going on beyond our own bubble, and now is the time where hyper-awareness has gone beyond what keeps us sane. The influence of many forms of social media creates a vortex of energy, sucking us in and blurring the lines of reality. Find the balance of knowledge, creativity, encouragement, fear and flexibility. All of these aspects of our psyche can work together to form harmony rather than chaos. Be cautious when you are spreading your knowledge at this stage in your being - the world is in a state of disarray, and adding to the confusion can unravel the fabric of existence. Beware of the interconnectedness of everything - everything you say and do has a ripple effect - don’t forget that. It is a time to find harmony within, and keep a steady flow of energy around you, that way you don’t fuel the chaos.

Onn is the spirit of resurgence. A time for our life force to gain momentum and grow. Bring forth the inspirational side of your being - plant seeds of inspiration, take time to write and create new ideas, and find a way to harness the energy to change yourself and/or the world around you. Beware of the potential to burn out though - as the fiery catalyst begins its transformation, intuitive awareness of our surroundings and energies is critical. If we find that balancing path of transformation, we can harness the positive energies of change and manifest the equilibrium we need to enhance our world.

Tinne, is the spirit of internal energy. The being that conjures our energies into a fiery ball of fury that will melt the frigid ice of winter. Times of hardship are among us and when this spirit appears, we are encouraged to raise our life force and channel it together into one mighty being. With this kind of connectedness, we can transform the current state of darkness into a place of light. The spirit of tinne is there to guide us through the depths of winter into the coming spring. It is okay to have help, whether it be from our families, guides, or strangers. The time to come together is now. It’s time to embrace the powers of all beings willing to push through the darkness, so that we may come out of this as unscathed as possible. The more we are concerned about all that are suffering, the greater our chances of growing for the better is.

The overall message from these divine spirits is the encouragement to come together, even in this time of great separation. Balance your inner energies, pass that balance onto others, and find the middle ground with everyone as we all struggle to understand the next steps towards the future.

Thank you for reading. Deep peace to you, and may your week be filled with healthy vibes.


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