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The Raven's Weekly Divination - The Light Shows Itself

These messages are meant to be appropriate and valid for you from the day in which you read it and through the following week.

You approach yet another week of seclusion, and with all the work you have been doing to stay healthy and safe, The Chariot has come to show you that there is hope on the horizon - but without pushing yourself towards it, you will not reach it.

Because you see the light at the end of the tunnel, it does not mean you can throw the towel in, give up and relax - this is the most critical time. There will be many different distractions as you continue forward, some trying to block you from reaching your goal. You must encourage yourself to follow through and be willing to push through difficult times to do so. Being pursuant and strong is a part of the journey - if it was easy, what would you learn from it?

Take this time to work up your courage, become strong and speak up for yourself - draw lines in the sand and stand strong about your convictions. Don’t let others walk all over you and tell you what to do. You hold the reigns of the Chariot, and you control where you are going.

It is not shocking that the Hermit accompanies the Chariot in this week’s divination. The Hermit, reversed, is an isolated soul, trapped inside and feeling as if there is nowhere to go. If you find that you have closed in on yourself, and you have become disconnected from others, this card has risen to the surface to show you just that. Be aware of what you are doing and who you are affecting during self isolation. Just because you are alone and reflecting on yourself, doesn’t mean you should close off all ties to others. Closing yourself off when the time is not right will slow your growth and damage your relationships with those that are meant to help you grow.

This card has two sides to its meaning, the other being that you have not been spending enough time reflecting on yourself. When reversed, the Hermit asks us to pay attention to our innermost spirit. The part of us that sometimes gets neglected during everyday life. If you have not already started, now is the time to sit and reflect on what your spirit is, what it wants, and how you can grow it. The time is perfect for you to meditate, reflect, and take some time to work on yourself. Find your inner Hermit, gather your thoughts, and channel the energy of your guardians as they whisper your next steps to you.

These cards work in a synergistic way to encourage you to push forth on your path to the deeper meaning of life. The Chariot awaits to bring you towards the light and the Hermit is the one controlling where it goes. And with that, I leave you for the otherworlds.

Thank you for reading. Deep peace to you, and may your week be filled with healthy vibes.


This week's divination was channeled through the "Gaia Oracle" by Toni Carmine Salerno.

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