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The Raven's Weekly Divination - The Downward Steps

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

These messages are meant to be appropriate and valid for you from the day in which you read it and through the following week.

A three card spread called to me this time around. The universe's message for me to divine for all of us this week. Oddly, instead of the spread being linear, it had a kink in it, as if stepping off the first stair and onto flat, solid ground below.

The reading was divined using my very first oracle deck - The Faeries' Oracle by Brian Froud. A stunning and wonderful deck that I have used since I was thirteen years old and to this date has given me only honest and thorough readings.

The first card, the initial step that we need to overcome before we can see the flat, wondrous land before us. A leap from the very top of the mountains to the world below - the land we only see from a distance that feels unattainable. This card is important, and unfortunately the universe seems to think we all must be aware of what is coming. Deceit is in our midst - for some of us it is our own. The underlying things we tell ourselves to cope, when in reality our minds know deep down we are lying. For others it is the deceit of others rising to the surface and disguising themselves as the caring, kind and loving ones that in truth seek to bring us down. All that must be done is to recognize these deceits, bring them to the surface and face them!

Once we have stepped off the first stair, we can walk along the flat land with a clear sense of a path in sight. From card one, we visit card two - a special and energetic part of what we face next. It is a time in which we are blessed with extra energy, where the universe has sent us the magnificent magickal energies from the cosmos. Take this time to utilize the gift that has been sent to you, but beware that the energy is not grounded. As the gusts of this magick is channeled through us, we must use it to accomplish what we have longed for. Ground yourself, take deep breaths, focus, center and release your intentions upon the world. It is our time to shine.

Finally, as we conjure and cast the energies we have been gifted, we must be aware of reality. If something is keeping you from pursuing what you so desire, now is the time in which you need to step past it. Push through the unrelenting forces that hold you back, and flow with the river we call the universe. It pushes on with or without you, and if you find yourself being lost to the darkness, it will not stop to pull you out. You are the key to overcoming the obstacles in your way and the universe wants you to move forward with it. Thank you for reading. Deep peace to you, and may your week be filled with wonder.


Each reading is valid for one week from the day in which you first read it.

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