Alban Hefin and Litha Soaking Salts

Alban Hefin and Litha Soaking Salts

These salts were made with flowers for the beautiful fire festival of Litha. For the Druids this time was called Alban Hefin - these salts are packaged in 50-mL vials and filled with about 50g of salts for you to use as you see fit. Or you can opt to purchase a 200g container which is about 1 cup of salts. We call on the wonderful and beautiful time of Litha and Alban Hefin and enjoy the longest day of the year by bathing under the sunlight, casting spells with the fire of candles and calling upon the sun goddesses and gods that watch over us.


We welcome the coming darkness, as now the days will begin getting shorter. Enjoy these beautifully scented salts by adding them to a soothing bath and welcoming your guardians into your space. They are scented with essential oils  - spearmint, cypress and tea tree - very earthy oils that represent the comfort that surrounds us when we embrace mother nature and thank all the gifts she brings us. The flowers inside these salts are Lemongrass, Rose, Lavender, Chamomile, Crysanthemum, Juniper Berries, Cardamom, Orange Flowers and Carnations. As nature comes to a blossom, we must embrace and thank it. We hope you truly enjoy these salts!


The salt we use for this is Epsom salt, which is a magnesium sulfate and is meant to soothe aches and bones. If you have a sensitivity to a specific oil, please let us know. The little bottles will be sealed with wax for shipment.


Also know, we use high quality essential oils, and try to be conservative on how much is used due to essential oils natural power. They contain many kinds of molecular compounds and many can irritate your skin. A little goes a long way, and we hope you understand that with our science background, we do not want you to get hurt. If you find our oils were too little or too much, PLEASE contact us and let us know! We always strive to help you on your life's journey, and we cannot do that if you don't tell us what we did right or wrong. 


Thank you so much for gazing, please feel free to ask us about these salts if you find yourself curious, or hesitant.


To release the cork from the wax, gently twist, or very lightly heat the wax to make it easier to remove the cork. 


Deep peach of the shining stars to you.


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