an Anthophile's Guide

an Anthophile's Guide

For the love of all things related to flowers and nature. This is an Anthophile’s Guide. Surround yourself with the fresh scent of a stroll through a flower garden, no matter if you live in a flat in the city or on a boat in the middle of the sea.


This candle was created with positive intent. It is infused with peony, freesia, and magnolia and cut with undertones of wood. Let the calming scent of magnolia, freesia’s refreshing healing properties and the powerful antioxidant of peony create your happy place.


This soy candle was created by Bumblebee as part of The Bumblebee’s Hypothesis Series and includes the candle only. Just Be. Without overthinking it. Inhale. Exhale. Close off your mind to everything that does not matter. Because, darling, it does not matter - unless you allow it to.


Be mindful. Be cognizant of what you let in. And be true to yourself.


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