Anubis Prayer Beads - Mala - Meditation

Anubis Prayer Beads - Mala - Meditation

Anubis Mala - 108 Beads


Made with Dream Tiger’s Eye, Larvikite and Bronzite. Guru is Tiger’s Eye, Marker Beads are Moonstone, and beads next to markers are Goldsheen Obsidian.


Anubis, an ancient Egyptian deity was raised by Jackals in the Necropolis after being created by Nephthys and Osiris. The inventor of mummification and embalming, Anubis raised Osiris from the dead and used him as the first mummy. Although known as the son of Nephthys and Osiris, there is another lore that claims Anubis to be older than Osiris with roots and beginnings to Northern Africa and as Osiris grew in popularity and worship, Anubis became subservient to him.


Known as the guardian of the door to the hall of judgment, Anubis is a Lord of Death, leading the souls from the hall to the field of celestial offerings. Weighing the heart upon the death and mummification of the deceased, he is the determining judge for the soul’s fate. Overseeing the ritual of the mouth, Anubis is a watcher, a protector, and a guide for the souls that reincarnate as well as those that are gifted with divination, mediumship and those that work with death. He knows the date of everyone’s death, and if you request it of him, he may provide you with an answer to your request.


This mala set was channeled and designed specifically for this deity. The Lord of Death from the realm of the underworld is associated with the color black and this set of prayer beads can be used as an offering or a beacon for him to find the owner. The larvikite in this mala is the main focal point where Anubis can connect through - the entry point to our world. From there, the bronzite represents the celestial land where Anubis brings the souls of the dead once they have passed through the halls of judgment, which is represented by the dream tiger’s eye beads. 


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