Arianrhod Goddess Set - Grunge Goddess Soap and F&R Candle Collaboration

Arianrhod Goddess Set - Grunge Goddess Soap and F&R Candle Collaboration

Arianrhod is a goddess of fertility, rebirth, love and a weaver of the fates and cosmic time. The Wheel of the Year is associated with the translation of her name which means "silver wheel" and the oar wheel in which she uses to carry the bodies of the dead to "heaven".

She is linked to the moon and Polaris (the north star) and is considered a mother deity as she births two boys when she steps over Math's wand. This combination brings together the love, life and cosmic time by weaving Arianrhod's essence into the presentations and scents of these combined works of art for you to enjoy.


The beautiful soap was designed and created by Grunge Goddess Soapworks, link below to her website, and was masterfully scented with dragon's blood, blackcurrant and absinthe. The combination brings together the essences of Arianrhod's protective and cosmic energies. The landscape, that of the night, a silvery moon in the night's sky represents the mother moon that Arianrhod rules over. Her bubbly yet creamy signature shea butter formula will moisturize and protect needy skin. Activated coconut charcoal and white kaolin clay provide detoxing and smoothing properties. 


Together the soap and candle are meant to connect you to the protective nature of this powerful fertility goddess. The candle comes in two options, the limited supply of Blue Carnival Glass takes her energy and brings its cosmic power to the surface along with the wax crescent moon that accompanies these vessels. The colors black, white, purple and blue pair with the soap as a representation of the night, Arianrhod's ruling time. The silver wheels that rest atop these candles are representative of Arianrhod's name itself. A small sprig of rosemary accompanies these candles as a protective talisman - leave a pot of living rosemary by your door to ward off negative spirits. Finally, the adorning labradorite is a cosmic stone, meant to connect you to the unseen realms. Lore says, this wonderful stone fell from the lights of the Aurora Borealis as it shimmered across the night sky. These candles are all scented with a combination of frankincense and myrrh, dragon's blood and white tea.


We hope that the combination of soap and candle can come together to bring your home the protection and guidance of the night sky. Call upon Arianrhod and ask her for her protection as you light this candle. Run a bath and use this beautiful soap - her protection is all around you as the scents envelope your body. Seek her blessings and under the light of the moon, you may find her energy shining down on you, caressing you in her loving power.


Thank you so much for looking at the wonderful collaboration between Grunge Goddess Soapworks and Fox and Raven's Shop! Visit Grunge Goddess Soapworks at: to see what other beautiful soaps await you.


As with all our candles, please use caution when lighting them. These candles are imbued with the energy of the guardians they invoke. If you wish to light them without intentions, they act as regular scented candles, but be cautious when lighting them with intentions as they hold magick beyond our world. If you have any questions about invoking Arianrhod's energy, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.


These candles are made with wooden wicks and need a little bit of mindful care - be sure your wicks are not too long, and cut off any excess burnt wood before lighting again. If they become oversaturated with wax, they will not light correctly, so be sure to not cut them too short if you leave the adornments on as the wax will displace when the stones or heavy items fall into it. If the wicks are too crowded, they will not light, be sure they are getting enough air flow by removing any adornments that may be crowding the wick too much.


Soap ingredients: Cocos nucifera (Coconut) oil, Olea europaea (Olive) oil, hydrogenated Butyrospermum parkii (Shea butter), Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) seed oil, Ricinus communis (Castor) seed oil, activated coconut charcoal, fragrance, white kaolin clay, mica, titanium dioxide, ultramarine blue. Net wt 4 oz.


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