Apollo and Artemis Balancing Spirit Ritual Salts

Apollo and Artemis Balancing Spirit Ritual Salts

Balancing the spirit is not something we should take lightly. When our energy scatters, we can find ourselves feeling off and lopsided, but this does not have to be the case. These salts are to be used as a way to connect our two halves - the physical and the spirit. Designed for balance and imbued with the energy of the two twins, Apollo and Artemis, we hope you will find the stability and grounding you need to feel whole.


The black salts represent Apollo, the deity known for his pestilence and ability to inflict plagues upon the living. Represented by the Sun, Apollo is a spirit that matches the strength, wisdom, and healing abilities of his Moon sister, Artemis. Both hunters, archers, and spirits born from the immense power of Zeus and Leto, they complement one another and love each other as brother and sister.


Apollo’s black salts are protective, meant to help heal your spirit and mend any ailments you may be suffering by channeling the protective energy of rosemary and the soothing one of vanilla. Call upon the great hunter and ask for his healing powers to accompany you as you use these salts in whatever ritual you deem fit.


Complementing the black salts are white salts representing the deity Artemis. A huntress of the moonlight, she is a protector of living beings and fights for those who need her help. Although the salts themselves will help soothe ailments like Apollo’s black salts, these are specifically designed for power and the enhancement of our spirit. When you invoke Artemis and call upon her power, these salts are meant to help you connect to her soft, enveloping energy as it coats you and grants you the strength to stand tall and feel protected.


These salts represent the energies that surround us in the universe and are to help balance our physical and metaphysical being. Allow Artemis and Apollo to join you on your journey and to help bring health and strength to your practice. If you wish, use both salts in your ritual and call upon the twins to watch over you. Bring them these gifts and embrace their radiant energies as they envelop you with their power, protection, health, and love.


When these salts are used together, they are meant to act as a synergistic method of rebalancing. However you choose to use these salts, they will act as your intentions insist and we hope that you enjoy the combination as much as we do.


Please note, that if you choose to use these as bath ritual salts, that essential oils can irritate skin - if you find that they are causing any kind of reaction, stop use immediately. Every body is different, please know yours and use caution when handling items that come into contact with your skin. Thank you so much for wandering with us! 


Each bottle contains 50g of salt - they are sold as a set and together contain a total of 100g of salt. Please reuse the little glass containers where you can, we do not wish to see them go to waste. To release the wax if it is giving you trouble, gently warm it and cautiously twist the cork until it releases. 


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