Birch/Beith - The Lover - 4oz.

Birch/Beith - The Lover - 4oz.

This candle was designed to embrace all aspects of the birch tree. The dryad of this tree, known as the Ogham Beith, possesses the energy of love and rebirth. Scented with birch oil, this candle is meant to invoke the loving spirit of its essence. Birch can be called upon for healing, love and protection, and represents the element of rebirth.


Topped with rhodonite, this crystal represents the love that emanates from the magick of this tree. The spirit of Aine, Aphrodite and Freyja are imbued within this candle as representations of the love they emanate.


We hope that when you light this candle, you call upon the spirit of the birch and ask for its love. These candles were all imbued with the intentions of love of all kinds and should be used with that in mind. In order to use the magick bestowed upon our products, you must set your intentions to align with theirs. If you do not seek to use this product as a part of your craft, it can act as a mundane candle as well by not setting any intentions when lighting its wooden wick. 


All our candles with wooden wicks need a little maintenance and love. Please, to keep them burning correctly, be sure to trim off the blackened pieces as you burn these candles - doing so will prevent the wicks from not burning correctly.  If you have any issues, please do not hesitate to reach out and let us know. We recommend you do not leave any of our products unattended when lit, and to not burn for more than 4 hours at a time. 


As with all our candles, please use caution when lighting them as each candle is imbued with the spirit to whom it is made for - these do need the right energy to invoke the spirit guardians, and if lit without intention, serve the purpose of simple candles with lovely scents. If you are a beginner, and do not know how to protect yourself against these wondrous and majestic beings, please reach out to Raven of Fox and Raven Magick Shop.


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