Black Salt - Protection Salts - Unscented

Black Salt - Protection Salts - Unscented

These salts were made as protection salts for you to use as you would black salts in any ritual. They are not scented with any essential oils and are made using coconut, sustainable activate-charcoal powder. These salts are packaged in bigger containers which contains 200 grams of salt. We ask that you enjoy these as you walk into the ether and find the otherworlds.


Be sure to call on your protective guardians as you use these and invoke the energy of protective powers that envelop you as you walk into the otherworlds.


The salt we use for this is Dead Sea salt. The bottles will be sealed with wax for shipment.


Thank you so much for gazing, please feel free to ask us about these salts if you find yourself curious, or hesitant.


To release the cork from the wax, gently twist, or very lightly heat the wax to make it easier to remove the cork. 


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Deep peace of the shining stars to you.


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