Fairies in the Garden

Fairies in the Garden

As with all our candles, please use caution when lighting them as each candle is imbued with the spirit to whom it is made for - these do need the right energy to invoke the spirit guardians, and if lit without intention, serve the purpose of simple candles with lovely scents. If you are a beginner, and do not know how to protect yourself against these wondrous and majestic beings, please reach out to Raven of Fox and Raven Magick Shop.


Juniper with accents of Rose Bud, Peach Buds, Pine and Sodalite


Inspired by a huntress named Feyre. Whether you’ve read the book or yearn to be lost in the woods while the scent of juniper fills your senses, this candle was created with you in mind.

Sodalite calms panic attacks, enhances self-acceptance, and encourages truth, intuition and brings emotional balance.


Excerpt from A Court of Thorns and Roses – “I’d almost yelped when I looked out my bedroom window and spotted all the faeries in the garden. Many of them – all with insect masks – pruned the hedges and tended the flowers. Those fairies had been the strangest of all, with their iridescent, buzzing wings sprouting from their backs. And, of course, then there was the green-and-brown skin, and their unnaturally long limbs, and-


Tamlin bit his lip as if to keep from smiling. “They’ve been here all along.”


This candle was created by Bumblebee as part of the Fiction Feeling Hypothesis Series which was a study based on the theory that if you are able to fall in love with the protagonist you cannot put the book down – essentially falling into the covers of the book. The Series includes the candle only.


Follow the juniper, pine, peach and rose buds to a place all your own. Immerse yourself beneath the cover of the trees. Inhale. Exhale. Fill your mind with soothing thoughts.  Let the juniper surround and calm you as you delve within. Once you release the noise, you remove the barriers that cloud your true vision.


And remember - Be mindful. Be cognizant of what you let in. And be true to yourself.

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