Focus Your Mind Candle for Studying and Enhancing Focus

Focus Your Mind Candle for Studying and Enhancing Focus

As with all our candles, please use caution when lighting them as each candle is imbued with the spirit to whom it is made for - these do need the right energy to invoke the spirit guardians, and if lit without intention, serve the purpose of simple candles with lovely scents. If you are a beginner, and do not know how to protect yourself against these wondrous and majestic beings, please reach out to Raven of Fox and Raven Magick Shop.


A candle made with focus in mind. Those of us that have gone to school or who are looking to learn beyond the knowledge they have now can use this candle to help guide your focus to understanding and grasping what it is you're studying. The yellow container was chosen for the symbolic nature of the color yellow and its ability to draw intellect from those that look upon it. The scent of the candle is peppermint and grapefruit, used to help hone your focus. Within the white wax is fresh ginger as another focus booster and atop the candle is the flower larkspur - meant to help calm your mind as you set your intentions for the task at hand. 


The stones within this candle are clear quartz for the mastery of skills and the tiger's eye to help open your mind to receiving what it is you are studying. 


Light this candle when you find yourself needing aid in studying and focus - a meditation candle as well as a passive magickal candle for all of us. All of them were blessed with a druidic spell - their intentions set for anyone who lights it to embrace the knowledge of the universe.


Please Note that these candles are MADE TO ORDER! We want them to be as fresh as possible, and that also means you can request some personalized tweaks to them - just be sure to write to us in the Personal Messages below if you have requests.


Note: You may request a Unique Vessel for these candles, but they are limited. So please do not be discouraged if we do not have any we can use at the time of your request.  


All our candles with wooden wicks need a little maintenance and love. Please, to keep them burning correctly, be sure to trim off the blackened pieces as you burn these candles - doing so will prevent the wicks from not burning correctly.


With each purchase comes a gift of your choice from one of the following:
A tiny spell and how to cast it
A single card oracle reading
a micro flash fiction by Rosalie Viper - Follow on Instagram @rosalie.viper


Deep peace of the shining stars to you.


Fox and Raven


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