Heket, Spirit of the Primordial Waters Candle

Heket, Spirit of the Primordial Waters Candle

Although similar in name to the great goddess Hekate, Heket is an ancient Egyptian deity that governs and watches over the lower worlds, the subterranean realms, the dead, resurrection, and birth. Not only does she watch over the dead, but she is a life-bringer and is in charge of ensuring babies are placed safely in the womb. Her protective spirit should be welcomed when you find yourself needing help and guidance. This deity, known for her love of frogs goes by many epithets, the Spirit of the Primordial Waters caught my attention when designing and creating this candle for her.

This blue Carnival Glass cup and it's watery-blue wax represent the elemental energy of this deity. She is both Water and Earth, and combined these two forces balance both the physical and metaphysical aspects of ourself. Topped with Quantum Quattro Chrysocolla, a mix of herbal flowers and plants, and Lapis Lazuli Sand, may her energy emanate from this candle as you call upon her for guidance through all points of life. 

This candle is a gift for this primordial being. And when you light it, may you think of her as the currant, cedarwood and myrtle scents envelop your space. Thank you for wandering with us.

As with all our candles, we ask that you never leave them burning unattended. If the wick becomes crowded, please safely remove any stones, plants or decor that impedes the wicks ability to light. Wooden wicks need some love. Be sure to trim off all blackened parts before lighting and if the wick won't stay lit, it may be that the wick is too long. Because our candles are imbued with the energies of whom they call upon, we ask that you use caution when invoking these beings. Show respect, and be sure to be very clear about your intentions. If you wish to light these with no set intentions, they act as mundane candles.

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