Oracle Tarot Rune or Ogham Readings - 3 Piece Only - 24 Hour Turnaround

Oracle Tarot Rune or Ogham Readings - 3 Piece Only - 24 Hour Turnaround

Every so often some of us find ourselves wandering a path we did not forsee, or encountering mysterious roadblocks we wish to conquer. With those obstacles come questions, and the Raven finds herself answering them when they call to her. She would like to do the same for anyone wishing to open their minds to the realms beyond our physical one. Any questions you may wish to ask, she would like to help answer in a three card oracle or tarot reading. You send us your question, and she does the rest - divining information for you from the otherworldly beings beyond the veil.  


Raven has been working with tarot and oracles since she was 14 years old, giving her 16 years of reading experience. With many decks of both oracle and tarot, one of her passions is working with the many guardians, beings, deities, and divine of the otherworlds. If you find yourself curious, wondering, stuck, upset, or experiencing anything you wish to know more about, Raven will do her greatest to help bring you answers. 


Generally, the way she goes about digital readings is the following:
The querent asks a question
Raven follows her intuition on what deck to use for you specifically
She may ask you follow-up questions, such as numbers, colors, flowers, etc. 
And finally, she will pull your three cards, and perform your reading


When the reading is complete, Raven will put a picture of your cards together with the entire reading into a document to send to you. All readings remain private and for your eyes only. If you have any follow-up questions or need for clarification, all you need to do is ask! If for whatever reason you are absolutely appalled by Raven's reading, we will do everything in our power to rectify the issue.


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