Chakra Soaps

Chakra Soaps

Root Chakra

The soap is meant to ground us, filled with patchouli scent. Patchouli is known for its attractive and aphrodisiac properties, which for this soap works well with the Root Chakra. The soap is there to banish negative energies followed by the welcoming of love - self, sexual, and platonic. Anything that make us feel good about our being.


Sacral Chakra

The soap is meant to help guide the flow of energy throughout the body. Filled with the scent of Orange, this soap bar also contains orange zest (when available). The creative boost from this soap will help wash away the energies that block our creative side and bring forth the ones that help support it. For success, a physical energy boost and purification, find the essence of Orange oil coursing through you as you realign the energy of the Sacral Chakra.


Solar Plexus Chakra

The soap is meant to boost to our intellect and ambition. Filled with the scent of lemon, it will act as a boost of clean and happiness that should flood your senses and help wash away any feelings of doubt, depression, or sadness. This soap is especially perfect for when you are feeling a little down, or if you feel stressed by work. Take the time to clean away the darkness with the brightness of this yellow, beautiful Solar Plexus Soap. 


Heart Chakra

The soap is meant to open you heart back up when it is blocked. Filled with the scent of Bergamot, fresh and soothing, boost your abundance of positive energy, help promote happiness and encourage the washing away of the feeling that love does not follow you. Bergamot is a great love, abundance and success oil meant to align with the green color of prosperity as you wash away the darkness and replace it with light.


Throat Chakra

The soap is meant to express the voice of our bodies, and the ability to express ourselves. Filled with the scent of Basil, a scent of spiritual protection. When this soap is used, it will help push away the darkness that unfortunately gets through to our senses and overloads us from time to time. Wash away the lies, the false messages, and allow the flow of spiritual energy to flow through.


Third-Eye Chakra

The soap is meant to reconnect you to the perception of your third-eye - where the center of perception and command rest, directing our sight and everyday awareness of the world. This is the place of our consciousness. We relate to ourselves through this chakra. Was away the blockage using this soap, scented with Clary Sage. The scent is there to boost the banishment of negative energy, cleanse your space, and help the realignment of this chakra to take place, but the essence of this soap does this regardless of scent.


Crown Chakra

The soap is meant to balance the outer expression of ourselves in the universe. Our connection to the otherworlds and the metaphysical self will be healed as long as the intentions are set to do so. Scented with frankincense, a powerful mystical energy used to aid in meditation, dream work and to bring clairvoyance and clarity to your mind, body and soul - this soap will do exactly that, regardless of whether it is scented or not.


Made with goat's milk base, they fit inside the palm of your hand perfectly and are colored with cosmetic grade mica powder and water based soap dye.


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