Sekhmet Prayer Beads - Mala - Meditation

Sekhmet Prayer Beads - Mala - Meditation

Sekhmet Mala - 108 beads


A warrior, a healer, and a fiery deity of magick this ancient being is known for her protective nature and her ability to heal most any ailments. Her strong association with fire is because of her relation to the sun deity Ra. According to her mythos, she created the desert with her fiery breaths and is known for her destructive nature much like the goddess Kali. Misunderstood, she is associated with destruction more often than her healing powers and although we all need a little bit of power time and again, this mala was designed as a tribute to all of her attributes.


The black onyx is a protective crystal, purposely chosen to represent Sekhmet’s protective nature and shadowy warrior energy. Although death can feel dark and destructive, a being that heals like Sekhmet, knows that death can be a very healing process. Not only does Sekhmet have the ability to bring death and mayhem, but she also has the wonderful power to bring healing and magick to those that she deems worthy. The amethyst in this mala is meant to represent the healing and magickal powers that this deity provides us with. She is a force to be reckoned with and although her fire and war-like energies feel overwhelming at times, the amethyst is meant to soothe those feelings. To finish this collection off, sardonyx is the final crystal used in this mala set. Fiery and red like the energy of Sekhmet herself, the energy of these beads are meant to encourage your own flame to stay lit. When you embrace this mala and you call upon Sekhmet, all of the attributes this mala possesses will help connect you to the power and energy of this incredible deity.


Lay these beads on her altar, call on her when you find yourself in need of health, power, and protection. She is the being that watches over you when you feel at your worst and ensures you are in safe hands when you are most vulnerable. She is a deity that deserves your respect and when you meditate with her, offer her more than just a simple hello. 


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