Skadi Wax Melt Votive - Celebrate Yule and Alban Arthan

Skadi Wax Melt Votive - Celebrate Yule and Alban Arthan

This Skadi wax melt (this is a single melt as 1 votive and weighs 2oz) was created with the intention of allowing the user to connect with the Norse being known as Skadi. The ice giantess that lives in the mountains and rides skis was married to the sea god Njord. Unlike the other deities of Aesir, she was not part of their world, she was instead a being known as a giantess or a devourer - a different type of otherworldly deity. Her land was amongst the snow-covered peaks of the mountains in a place called Thrymheim where she could hear the cries of the wolves where she is said to still be found. Call upon her as the snow falls, or if you seek the wisdom of the otherworlds. 


These should be melted in a wax melter, or in a heat-safe container on a mug warmer. It emanates the scents of White Birch and Blue Spruce to represent the snowy world this being reigns over. When you melt this votive, please use caution to prevent fire. 


These candles are imbued with the energy of their creator, and to activate the intentions of using them for ritual purposes, you must set your own intentions as well or they will simply act as mundane wax melts would. Thank you for gazing, and if you have any questions, please reach out and ask!


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