Sun and Moon Soap

Sun and Moon Soap

The soap of the Sun and the Moon - the two mystical beings that watch over us every day and night. Lugh, the masculine god of the sun heats us underneath his light, while Cerridwen, the feminine goddess of the moon brings us rest as we enter the darkness of night. 


These soaps come unscented or scented with frankincense, and clary sage. Use them when you are feeling detached from the essence of the sun and the moon, or when you need to take on the intentions of the gods and goddesses that represent them. Made with goat's milk base, they fit inside the palm of your hand perfectly and are colored with cosmetic grade mica powder. 


With each purchase comes your choice of a gift:

A tiny spell and how to cast it

A single card oracle, tarot, rune or ogham stave reading

A micro flash fiction story by Rosalie Viper


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