Yule - Alban Arthan Candle - Wheel of the Year - 2.5 oz Tin

Yule - Alban Arthan Candle - Wheel of the Year - 2.5 oz Tin

May these little tins help you celebrate the wonderful and magickal fire festival of Yule. A twelve-day celebration that marks the longest night of the year and marks the coming of the light as the days begin to grow longer after this holiday.


These 2.5 oz candles are scented with a mix of Blue Spruce, White Birch, and Red Currant to bring together the magick of the trees with the sweetness of berries. These candles are set with the intentions that when you light them, you welcome the darkness and release all the negative attachments you have acquired throughout the year. It is time to welcome the new, bring in the new beginnings and plant new seeds for the coming year. Topped with silver foil, peridot, tree agate, juniper berries, rosebuds, and a mini birch yule log, we hope that you will enjoy the magick these emanate for you as you celebrate whatever holiday you enjoy!


We ask that you use caution when lighting this candle, as the birch yule logs are indeed made from the bark of a birch tree and can ignite. Please never leave these unattended when they are lit, but overall enjoy the magick and serene energies this emits as it rests atop your hearth, altar, or anywhere you create magick over the coming days.


If you find that these are not to your satisfaction, please do not hesitate to reach out and let us know! As with all out wooden wick products, you will need to ensure they can breathe when they are lit - overcrowding can cause the wick to smother out and if the wick is too long or has too much charred remnants atop it, it may not stay lit. Please reach out if you have any issues. 


As with all our candles, these are imbued with magick and the energies of the creator, Raven. Know that if they are not lit with intentions, they act as mundane candles and can be enjoyed as that.


Thank you for gazing and wandering with us!


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